The overall objectives of PERIA are to contribute to the collaborations of the local and regional actors in order to strengthen the effectiveness of regional development policies, to enhance the level spent for Research Development and Innovation and to contribute to the transformation of knowledge into new and marketable products and services.

PERIA is a co-operation project between Regional Innovation Agencies and Regional Authorities in Europe with the aims of:

  • sharing experience and methodologies on innovation services and policies
  • learning from each other in the management of regional innovation systems.


  • to identify successful access models in the partner regions to increase the outward orientation of innovation intermediaries in the region
  • to exchange experiences of these successful access between the partner regions
  • to develop a long-term framework of interregional know-how transfer among the local and regional innovation intermediaries including also other European intermediaries working in the region such as EEN.
  • to jointly implement successful practices in two pilot actions for the four partners during the life cycle of this project

As an outcome the project ensure improved and effective tools for any organisation acting in the field of innovation.

The goal of PERIA is the improvement of regional innovation policy and regional innovation support tools in order to offer greater support to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in developing their innovation projects.

The core message of PERIA is that if regional authorities and regional innovation agencies from different countries with different background work together, new and effective tools can be developed in order to make the management of regional innovation systems more effective.

The practice-oriented knowledge deriving from PERIA project will help to improve the innovation systems of the partners and to create new innovation systems in Europe.