The project has three components:

Component 1: coordination and management,

Component 2: communication and dissemination,

Component 3: exchange of good practices

The three components run through the whole lifetime of the project and have regular, systematic activities. Component 1 and 2 are the supports for reaching the main project objectives that will be realized within component 3. Component 3 aims at exchanging of experiences and has a sequence of activities following and building on each other, as the state of the art, identification of good practices, feasibility study on transferring good practices, study trips/staff exchange, transferability of project results, furthermore joint methodologies and policy recommendations.

Due to the characteristics of the link between Regional authorities and of the Regional Innovation Agencies (RIA), the identification of good practices of projects and methodologies will be focused on 2 levels in form of 2 Working Groups (WG):

  • Political Working Group (composed of Regional authorities) to address the policy level
  • Operational Working Group (composed of RIAs) to address the operational level

The two WGs will follow to the same methodology in the identification of practices and exchange together on the feasibility study of transfer of good practices. To ensure correct interaction between the two WGs, meetings will take place at the same time in the same place and have shared meeting facilities (especially when it comes to transfer as both Regional authorities and RIAs will be involved).