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PERIA and the regions of Andalusia, Basse-Normandie, Mazovia and Murcia presents two workshops on regional innovation and smart specialisation during the OPEN DAYS in Brussels.

Innovation Management:...
Changing enterprise needs and shrinking public resources raise questions on most innovation support tools: Which type of regional innovation management should we set up? Can we turn innovation management into competitiveness and attractiveness for our region?
Workshop on...
Objectives of the event:
1/ Present and debate Tactics key recommendations: “new cluster trends”, help policy makers develop new and better cluster initiatives (morning session)
2/ Clusters and smart specialization: overview of latest, the Regional innovation smart specialization strategy Guide (RIS3 Guide), other policy supports, best practices/peer review cases (afternoon session) [...]
Launching of...

A new regional agency was created on 19th March 2012 by the merging of “INNOVALIS Aquitaine” and the “Agence Aquitaine de Développement Industriel”. Based in Pessac (Bordeaux area), the new entity is called “Aquitaine développement innovation”.