Regional Innovation Agencies: Engines of regional innovation
Publication date: September 28, 2011

The network of regional innovation agencies of Hungary is organizing a joint event in Brussels connecting to the Open Days 2011 Edition. The seminar entitled "Regional Innovation Agencies: Engines of regional innovation" will take place on the 11st October 2011 from 14:30 pm at the Hungarian Development Center(11 Boulevard Bischoffsheim, 2nd floor, 1000-Brussels).

The seminar aims to present the experiences of Hungarian regional innovation system in the past years, and through international case studies try to explain the importance of such agencies in the operation of regional innovation systems. Invited speakers of European institutions will highlight the importance of regional innovation agencies not only from a local, but from an EU perspective. Mikel Landabasso from European Commission DG Regio will address the audience with his keynote speech titled "Regional innovation support systems and policies" and Jozsef Ribanyi, member of the Committee of the Regions will be also present on the seminar. You can find the detailed programme of the seminar in the attachment.

The seminar will be followed by a reception, where you can taste Hungarian gastronomic specialities and brandy (pálinka) kindly provided by Panyolai Szilvórium Kft.

Prior registration for the event is necessary, please send your contact details to the e-mail address.

Looking for your active participation on the event organised jointly by the network of regional innovation agencies of Hungary!