Institute for the small and medium sized companies from the Region of Valencia

IMPIVA organizes technological conferences, seminars, and training programs on the field of innovation and R&D.

The Valencian Institute of Small and Medium-Sized Industry (IMPIVA) is a public entity of the regional government of Valencia (Generalitat Valenciana), responsible for the implementation of its industrial promotion policy in the sphere of small and medium-sized enterprises. It was created in 1984 as an initiative of the regional Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Innovation.

The aim of IMPIVA is to drive forward the process of innovation in the industries and enterprises of the Valencian Region as a fundamental strategy for enhancing competitiveness. In order to fulfil its objective, IMPIVA offers a series of services and annual action plans to support industrial SMEs, while promoting a network of technical support infrastructures for innovation in the shape of Technological Institutes and European Business Innovation Centres (BICSs).

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Region of Comunitat Valenciana

Area: 23,254.5 km2

Population: 5.03 millions

Population density: 216.3 persons/ km²

GDP (2008): 105,554 millions €

GDP/capita (2008): 21,336 € per inhabitant

Unemployment rate (2008): 15 %

R&D intensity (R&D expenditure as a percent of GDP (2008): 1.05 %

Economy, R&D and Innovation Activity of the Region

The Valencian Government is strengthening the policies on research and innovation with the aim of contributing to the approach of the public and private sector and to create the right environment (financial, legislative and training) for entrepreneurs.

The Government has created a large infrastructure to promote R&D and Innovation. The main goal is to export the technology from our research institutes as well as to import new technology and best practices on industrial technology from other entities.

The complex and broad-based innovation infrastructure includes 7 universities with 51 centres, over 7,000 lecturers and 143,000 students, 32 other university institutes, 10 Higher Council for Scientific Research Centres, 14 Technology Institutes and 7 Research Centres sponsored by the Valencian Regional Government (Generalitat Valenciana). In the region there are 4 European Business and Innovation Centres and over 4,000 researchers.

The economy of Comunitat Valenciana has an important industrial base. The Comunitat Valencia Region hosts 300.000 companies that export annually more than €17 billion, 6.200 technologically-based companies, a network of 14 technological institutes offering services to the main productive sectors of the Valencian economy, 14.000 workers devoted to R&D employed in companies, and it welcomes seven million tourists every year.