INNOVALIS Aquitaine (FR)

A new regional agency was created on 19th March 2012 by the merging of “INNOVALIS Aquitaine” and the “Agence Aquitaine de Développement Industriel”.

Based in Pessac (Bordeaux area), the new entity is called “Aquitaine développement innovation”.

Its staff of 56 experienced professionals has the following assignments:

  • anticipate economic changes,
  • increase competitiveness and innovation potential of SMEs,
  • support the emergence of new regional networks,
  • lead and coordinate clusters,
  • foster the attractiveness of Aquitaine region for corporate relocations.

The agency has been given an operating budget of 6 M€ by the Regional Council of Aquitaine, the French State and the European Union.

Alain Rousset is the president of the supervisory board, Jean-Luc Fouco the chairman of the management board and Jean-Georges Micol the general manager.

“Aquitaine développement innovation” provides services to enterprises, clusters and territories. It consists of 7 departments:

  • general secretariat-territories,
  • aeronautics-space-defense,
  • materials-energy-wood-environment-lasers,
  • IT-health-food processing-services,
  • marketing-networks,
  • competitiveness-design,
  • competitiveness-financing.

For further information, please contact: Jean-Georges Micol, Agnès Champalaune
+33 557 57 84 88